Knobcon Announces Workshop Lineup

Mark Vail & Malcolm Cecil at a previous Knobcon.

Knobcon organizers have shared the workshop lineup for Knobcon 2017, scheduled for Sept 8-10 in the Chicago area.

The event will feature two days of seminars and workshops, ranging from question-and-answer sessions with synth pioneers like Tom Oberheim to learning how to solder and build your own synthesizer. And whiskey tasting.

Knobcon tickets are available for US $40 through the end of August and are $50 after that.

Here are the details:

Saturday, September 9 2017

The Basics of Synthesis

Youtube video guru Marc Doty offers his take on the basics of synthesis.

Random Applications in Electronic Music

Jon Sonnenberg demonstrates ways that randomness and probability can be harnessed in electronic music production and performance.

Michael Boddicker: Ask Me Anything

Mr. Boddicker has been a session musician and film composer for over four decades, working on countless recordings you’ve certainly heard from Michael Jackson to No Doubt. Moderated by Suit & Tie Guy.

Whiskey Tasting: A Primer

Winston Edwards of Texas-based Balcones Distilling gives a crash course in how to taste whiskey in a critical environment. Must be 21 to participate.

Sunday, September 10 2017

Harald Bode: Innovator Unsung

Marc Doty presents an exploration of one of the lesser-known pioneers of electronic music technology.

A History of Reverberation in Recorded Music

Chicagoland-based plate reverb craftsman William Beith maps out how reverberation developed in recorded music in the twentieth century and describes the mechanics behind the ambience.

Tom Oberheim: Ask Me Anything

Synth pioneer Tom Oberheim asks your questions in an open Q&A session. Moderated by Suit & Tie Guy.

BBoy Tech Report LIVE

Corry Banks takes to the digital airwaves for a live broadcast of his music production podcast.”

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  1. > Michael Boddicker: Ask Me Anything

    > Mr. Boddicker has been a session musician
    > and film composer for over four decades

    Nice, but I prefer Clarence Boddicker (played by Kurtwood Smith), one of two central villains in “RoboCop”, a 1987 American cyberpunk science fiction superhero action film directed by Paul Verhoeven.

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