Rob Papen Intros RP-Verb 2 Reverb Plugin

Rob Papen has released RP-Verb 2, for Mac OS X & Windows, updating the reverb effect plugin with a new Reverser section designed for creative sound design.

Reverser lets you reverse the reverb sound, with tempo-based control and more. The update also adds new options for controlling and changing the sound.

Other controls include ‘Envelope Follower, ‘Envelope’, ‘LFO’ and a ‘Mod matrix’. There is also the ‘Distortion’ module, featuring several useful algorithms.

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

RP-Verb 2 is available now for € 149.– (included VAT) / USD 149. Upgrade pricing is also available.

6 thoughts on “Rob Papen Intros RP-Verb 2 Reverb Plugin

  1. I feel like we’ve hit peak reverb 😉
    I would love to see a proper analysis of the current verbs on the market just to see which ones are repackaged classic algos and which ones actually bring something new or add character beyond that which someone could easily make with a simple FX chain.

    1. Indeed, this “UNIQUE” reversing feature feels like it could be achieved by a send channel with a reverb and e.g. Cableguys Timeshaper. No need to have such a special case wrapped into one plugin…

  2. What i would like is to understand how a vst can cost 150+ and for example Tone Boosters offer an awesome reverb for 30. I just can`t understand how something cost`s 5 times more. Is it 5 times better? or is it 5 times more expensive to program? There are even Reverbs for 300+ euros? Whatever. I find 150 euros for a plugin a pretty proud price. Especially when you have 0 multiplication-“manufacturing” cost on software so the manufacturer just has to develop it once. I guess i don`t have to understand everything

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