Use The Novation Circuit As A 51-Knob MIDI Controller

The latest video via loopop takes a look at how to use the Novation Circuit as a 51-knob MIDI Controller. 

Video Summary:

The Novation Circuit is a fun groovebox, but it can also serve as a great MIDI controller for soft synths because its 8 macro knobs can be used to send CC messages across multiple views – in total controlling 51 different soft synth parameters

6 thoughts on “Use The Novation Circuit As A 51-Knob MIDI Controller

    1. are you joking?
      i assume you don’t live under a rock and know that this is just showing expanded functionality of a very flexible and fun little synth…

  1. Brilliant thank you. Exactly what I was looking for! Very comprehensive.

    The Circuit is amazing; its simplicity belies its complexity. Do some research; powerful as standalone (which can use batteries!) and now as a compact MIDI controller

    Thanks again!

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