Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer Review

In his latest Sonic Lab video, host Nick Batt takes a look at the new Roland SE-02, created in collaboration with Studio Electronics.

The SE-02 is not a clone of the Minimoog, but is heavily inspired by the classic Model D design. It’s a three oscillator + 24dB ladder filter analog synth, like the Minimoog, but also offers delay, a step sequencer and USB audio.

Batt says that the SE-02 sounds really good, but that its compact size makes it fiddly to use, compared to an original Minimoog. 

The Roland SE-02 is one of two recently introduced Minimoog-inspired synths:

Both companies are aiming to create a budget Minimoog-inspired analog monosynth. Both have kept the price down by leaving off the keyboard, using a small form factor and mass production.

Roland SE-02 Features:

Pricing and Availability

The Roland SE-02 is available now for US $499. See the Roland site for details.

If you’ve tried the Roland SE-02, share your thoughts on it in the comments!