Hypersynth Intros White Version Of Xenophone Synth, Updates OS

Hypersynth has introduced a white edition of the Xenophone synthesizer and updated the OS to v2.2.

They say that the white edition has better visibility in dark environments.

It comes with 3 add-ons:

Firmware v2.2 offers several new features and enhancements:

The new soundbank is a mix of 64 new factory presets plus 64 presets designed by synthesist Frank Neumann from particular sound. The sounds are categorized in 9 groups, covering polyrhythmic sequences, classic arpeggios, deep ambient leads and SFX, vintage emulations, duophonic sounds and several more.

This soundbank is pre-installed on all new units and also free to download in sysex format for previous black edition owners.

Here’s an audio demo with of the new soundbank:

The new acrylic stand is specially designed to for tilting the Xenophone, it comes as a replacement for the old style angled wooden sides and has the following benefits over it:

All new Xenophones (white Edition) purchased from an Authorized HyperSynth dealer will come with a free Stand and the price is the same as the old black edition. White edition will be shipped out at the end of Sep 2017. See the HyperSynth site for more info.