Couture Voltage Synth-Inspired Clothing At Knobcon 2017

At Knobcon 2017, Erin Parr of Couture Voltage introduced a new line of synth-inspired clothing.

Parr is making custom shirts, skirts and dresses, using original designs featuring modular synths, drum machine circuit boards and even the Amen Break sample:

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All Couture Voltage items are made to order and are available in a wide range of sizes. See the Couture Voltage site for more info.

16 thoughts on “Couture Voltage Synth-Inspired Clothing At Knobcon 2017

  1. I saw several people walking around at Knobcon in these shirts and dresses.

    And yes, they are nerd-tacular.

    The circuit board pattern on one of the dresses is from Delptronics’ Little Drummer Boy drum machine.

  2. Everyone on this site is so picky about everything “these knobs are too small” “this isn’t pure analog” “this sounds like @#R! compared to the original”

    I’m sorry but first – something is not “Couture” just because you made it – especially a T Shirt with graphics on it – Couture is a designation assigned by the Fédération Française de la Couture – It designates that a certain amount of knowledge, craftsmanship and concept go into the clothing; it’s the Champagne of fashion in a sense.

    I dislike how compartmentalized design, tech and fashion have become – if we are expected to make anything good we should hold all other design up to the same standards and also have an interest in it.

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think the clothing displayed above is good or not but just don’t call it more than what it is – graphic ts and generic cut and sew printed dresses.

    1. Now we’re getting picky about fashion terminology?

      ‘Couture’ refers to custom sewing and dressmaking, which is exactly what this company is doing. Lots of people confuse ‘ Couture’ with ‘Haute Couture’, which refers to the world of high fashion.

      If you’re French, you might care about this.

      In the rest of the world, there’s ‘Juicy Couture’, which is a brand of expensive sweatpants with the words ‘JUICY’ printed on the butt.

      Whether that qualifies as either custom or fashion is a question that you will have to decide for yourself.

    2. Look up the definition of the word couture in a French/English dictionary. It doesn’t mean what you think (and, yeah, I live in a French-speaking country).

      The company name is a clever play on words, not an American scheme to undermine the chambre syndicale de la haute couture with clever casual clothing. 🙂

  3. Thanks for putting the thoughtfulness and hard work into this awesome apparel! I wish I would have stuck around long enough to have stumbled upon your spot and purchased something. I will tell you what: for the brief time I was there at the very beginning on Friday, the one actual thing that I specifically remember was somebody wearing one of those cool designs. Best of Success to you!

  4. It looks like direct-to-garment printing or sublimation printing, rather than silk-screen. I wonder how many washes & dries the image will hold up through.

    These are very unique designs, but the $39 – $50 cost for a t-shirt is a little too couture for me.

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