Expressive Improvisation With The Zvuk9 Expressive MIDI Controller

Zvuk Machines shared this video, demonstrating the expressive performance possibilities of their Zvuk9 Expressive MIDI Controller.

The video shows how you can use velocity, aftertouch, X and Y positions with the Zvuk9.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

To add more expressiveness to playing, instead of using parameters of one sound, I’ve done my favorite thing – I’ve layered multiple sounds and controlled their volumes by X and Y.

Three sounds used are a harp, a violin and a guitar, all generated by Image Line Morphine synth. The harp can be heard across all pads, the violin in the upper parts of each pad and the guitar on the right part of each pad. X and Y are controlling volume of the violin and the guitar.

I also used aftertouch, it is mapped to a tremolo effect that affects all 3 sounds (generated by Image Line Gross Beat).

Another aspect presented in this video is how easy you can change tonic while playing and how you can play chords. At the beginning, I play Minor Pentatonic in D, then change it to E, then to A and in the last section I play chords made from these notes.

Details on the Zvuk9 are available at the Zvuk Machines site. They’ve also shared a playlist of video demos, embedded below, that offer a deeper look at how it works: