Zylia Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For ‘3-D Array’ ZM-1 Mic

Polish startup Zylia have announced the kickoff of the crowdfunding campaign for their Zylia Portable Recording Studio, billed as the world’s first Portable Recording Studio to allow the user to record entire sound scenes with only one microphone and then separate the individual sound sources from the recording.

The single microphone, Zylia ZM-1, is a special type of microphone that was designed specifically for multi-track music recording.

As described in the company’s November, 2016 announcement, Zylia ZM-1 features include:

The microphone records in a 3D array, and then the user can use ‘virtual microphones’ in the companion Zylia Studio software to extract individual tracks.

Pricing and Availability. When/if the product goes into production, the Zylia ZM-1 microphone and Zylia Studio software will retail for $599 US; a more deluxe version of the Zylia Portable Recording Studio is also available. Backers of Zylia’s Indiegogo campaign can reserve their own kit at “early bird” prices. Zylia is projecting the first batch of product will ship to those backers in Q1 2018.

Additional information about the Zylia crowdfunding campaign, including perks and stretch goals can be found here. Additional information, including technical specifications, in available on the Zylia website.