Propellerhead Reason 10 Promises More Of Everything

Propellerhead today announced Reason 10, a big update that adds 6 new instruments, 1 effect and over 3GB of samples and loops.

Reason 10 features two new synthesizers, three new live-sounding organic instrument devices, a acoustic piano, creative modulation device, and 3GB of cutting-edge drum loops and samples.

“With Reason 10, not only have we delivered some of the best-sounding instruments we’ve ever created, the result is the biggest upgrade we’ve ever done,” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Propellerhead Product Manager. “With the two new synths, a plethora of sampled instruments, drums, loops and much more — we can’t wait to hear what music makers are going to create with Reason 10.”

Here’s the official Propellerhead Reason 10 intro video:

Reason 10 includes two new synthesizers: Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer and Grain Sample Manipulator:

  • Europa is a dynamically generated wavetable synthesizer with extreme flexibility. Apply a wide range of modulation to the waveform itself, to start with. Add advanced spectral filtering, harmonics processing and even draw your custom waveforms.
  • Grain opens up the world of granular synthesis for Reason users. Drop any sample into Grain and explore the endless sonic variations you can create with Grain’s selection of algorithms, flexible modulation, routing and effects.

Reason 10 also includes three new sampled instrument collections:

  • Klang Tuned Percussion includes 10 sampled melodic percussion instruments, tailored to modern pop and electronica.
  • Pangea World Instruments includes 11 world instruments, adding a unique flavor to any genre of music.
  • Humana Vocal Ensemble is a collection of choirs and solo vocals, perfect for a human touch or a bombastic film or game soundtrack.

Reason 10 also now includes Propellerhead’s Radical Piano instrument and Synchronous Effect Modulator – previously only available as Rack Extensions via the Propellerhead Shop:

  • Radical Piano is an ‘authentic, flexible, and bendable piano’ instrument.
  • Synchronous lets you create quick sidechain effects or draw your own LFO curves to control filter, delay, reverb, distortion and level.

In addition, Reason 10 comes with over 3 GB of sample content in Reason Drum Supply and Reason Loop Supply. These ReFills include a wide variety of drum samples and loops, from vintage drum machines to the sounds of the future.

Audio demos of the new synths and sample libraries are available at the Propellerhead site.

Pricing and Availability

Reason 10 is in beta now, and will be available for purchase worldwide on October 25, 2017, at the following suggested retail pricing:

  • Reason10 USD $449 / EUR €405
  • Reason Essentials 10 USD $129 / EUR €120
  • Reason 10 Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) USD $129 / EUR €129

Propellerhead is offering a grace period for customers who purchased Reason 9 on or after September 1, 2017. For more information, see the Propellerhead site.

37 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason 10 Promises More Of Everything

    1. Seriously.

      I got excited about upgrading for the first time in years. (I have Reason 4.) When, I downloaded the 9.5 demo, though, I lost interest almost immediately because of this.

      I could not read the rack labels without leaning in. Using Mac zooming helped, but the GUI becomes blurry and rough.

      Seems like such an easy and obvious thing for them to fix.

    1. Maybe adjust your buffer size? It’s not always the software. I had the same stuff happening to me, change the buffer slider in preferences and problem solved.

    1. Ya, its probably still as small as the controls in logic, cubase, ableton, bitwig and a few others. Unless you bump up your displays resolution, you have to interact with the UI like most of the other software displayed on a shallow resolution.

  1. I’m in on this… some new synths without paying for rack extensions or VST’s is a winner

    Go figure….Reason got to 10 before Live…. and frankly the upgrades have mostly been very meaningful as far as creation tools…audio, vst’s, effects, workflow…

    and Ableton Live?….when????? more and more I’m thinking of making the change but i love session view and that workflow… Blocks in Reason doesnt feel natural to me…maybe i have to go back to the manual…heh

    also one feature of Live is Link….i dont see a similar feature in Reason

      1. I understand
        However, thats not what i was talking about

        Reason can communicate with Live, that’s for sure

        But im not aware that it can sync wirelessly
        with other devices outside of supporting Link itself

        1. That’s what Link does, wireless sync to other applications that also have the Link feature. That means any app running Link can also sync playback wirelessly with Reason.

  2. It a good sign when the comments can only reveal issues with the interface and processor speeds instead of the actual content. This is a great update on top of the previous 9.5 allowing VST’s finally. Just always feels like a kick in the nuts when they give you stuff for free that you bought from the shop already. Synchronous is a great effect, even greater if it were free a year ago:)

  3. Been getting back into Reason the last few months since I added a second portrait mode monitor to one of my setups. Will do the upgrade.

  4. There are other little details like modulation scan rates and general sound quality that are important to know, but usually don’t get addressed in these kinds of quick teasers. Still, it looks like a very nice collection of sounds.

  5. I hope auditioning sample loops in the left side browser will now be time stretched to the projects BPM. Currently, it is horrible and sounds like a first time DJ trying to beat sync.

  6. Even though the inclusion of VSTs was a long overdue step, I did not upgrade to 9.5 (from 6.5) figuring that 10.0 couldn’t be far behind. Have to say I was hoping for more functionality update integrating external MIDI VST effects (like Numerology) but perhaps time has either come to fish or cut bait…

  7. Guess I should have waited on the upgrade to 9.5. Now I’ve got to find another $129 while the those who didn’t pay for 9.5 pay the same as me.

    1. That or you could skip v10 & go for v11 when it eventually happens. Getting frustrated in a situation like this will only get you trapped in a cycle of disappointment, these kinds of software updates are a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

      Just because it’s a new version doesn’t mean you need to spend those $ now. I’m still getting my money’s worth out of v5, but will probably upgrade sooner than later (really curious about that new granular synth).

  8. Last time I demo-ed, the GUI was unreadable on MacBook 13 Retina. If that’s not improved, not interested. Already have BitWig and Ableton.

  9. I haven’t upgraded since 6.5. Previously a lover of Reason being self contained, I was dismayed at the whole rack extension thing. It felt like a sell out to me and I thought the Props had given up on developing new synths. This news pleases me no end and I will probably upgrade now.

  10. Seems a reasonable deal to me, a decent amount of content for your cash.
    Won’t be touching it though
    VSTs was all I wanted and 9.5 delivered that.
    Time to switch off the web and actually make some music.

  11. playing catch-up is nice but……

    wish they would improve multi-core support so one can run more than one instance of the vk-2 and the other big impact synths at a time. and i have a very fast CPU and Reason has never taken advantage of all the cores and threads I have while creating. proper cpu usage is the most important thing to me.

    hard to justify upgrading with all the money I have spent on RE’s. funny how they just jumped on the VST bandwagon due to peer pressure, I went to 9.5 but haven’t used any vsts. was never a need for them. they need to start listening to core users instead of of the peer pressure crowd. folks have been asking for scale able GUI for over a decade.

  12. OK, so aliens really have replaced Propellerheads with pod people – a few at first, causing them to finally add MIDI out, then more, causing them to finally support VSTs, now more pod people adding actual new synths that are included in the box and not sold separately as Rack Extensions. I mean, wasn’t Thor supposed to be the last new built-in synth ever for Reason? Doesn’t anyone else realize how shocking and weird this is?

    Next they’ll be telling us that you can scale the GUI cleanly in Reason 11 so that it isn’t either ridiculously microscopic or horribly blurry and pixelated, but is actually sharp and legible at any size? Madness!!

  13. personally its getting really confusing with reason. Now we can use literally any VST or plugins, I find that I can purchase anything, thinking that this will be the holy grail of what will finally help me create my opus, then it becomes just another sample or rex file I add to my collection.
    I object to paying for reason 10 I reckon it should be a free download for people who own reason 9.5 already.

  14. Just got a copy from Sweetwater for 299. This is incredible. I’ll be getting a Nektar P6 and a Tascam US 20×20 go to with it. Absolutely incredible.

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