Doctor Synth’s Wide World Of ROMplers

At Knobcon 2017, Jeff Sepeta, aka Doctor Synth, brought his Wide World of ROMplers – a huge collection that offers a history of the often-maligned ROMpler. 

Sepeta wants people to reconsider ROMplers, because they can be powerful and they also tend to be relatively inexpensive, compared to many other types of synths. He makes his easier to use by setting all the ROMplers in a rack to the same MIDI channel, and by including a mixer in each rack. This allows him to use the mixer to easily solo or layer his ROMplers.

Sepeta also wants to keep older ROMplers out of landfills. His Doctor Synth site sells Vintage Synth Rescue Kits that feature sounds and info to help keep them running. He’s also sharing the ROMpler love at his World of ROMplers site.