Buchla Music Easel Looping Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Kristian Westergaard, captures a looping performance for Buchla Music Easel.

By thoughtfully layering lines and careful use of effects, Westergaard creates almost an orchestral effect from the Easel. 

Technical Details:

Easel loop performance. Effects used in the chain are Strymon Big Sky – El Capistan and Pigtronix Infinity.

5 thoughts on “Buchla Music Easel Looping Performance

  1. For some reason, Buchla explorations grab my ear in a way other modular ventures don’t. Part of it is probably that east coast synthesis is often more subtractive and sequencer-based. Buchlas lean more on waveshapers, so the overall tone is usually pretty far from Moog. Very nice piece of evolving ambient with some mystery to it, where many attempts become predictable too easily. I have a doppleganger in another dimension who sticks with a Buchla like a brother in arms and doesn’t give a damn about DAWs! Strymons never hurt a bit, either.

  2. My dream synth. I got a chance to use an Easel once for about 3 hours and it changed my life and what I thought a synth could be. Amazing work1

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