Synthwave Video Song With A Novation Bass Station 2

Sunday Synth Jam: Red Means Recording shared this video-song style synthwave track, featuring the Novation Bass Station 2 analog synthesizer.

Technical Details:

All sounds come from the Bass Station 2, except the drums, which are from a free sample pack.

Post-processing for each track:

  • Bass – Chorus, CLA BASS, Saturator, EQ
  • Lead 1 – EQ, Saturator, TAL Chorus, Reverb
  • Lead 2 – EQ, Saturator
  • Arp – EQ, Delay
  • Solo – Reverb
  • Hi-Hat – Flanger
  • Sends – Valhalla Shimmer, H-Delay

6 thoughts on “Synthwave Video Song With A Novation Bass Station 2

  1. sounds great – makes me want to break out and try doing one synth recordings with a bunch of things- it would be a fun challenge

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