Expert Sleepers General CV Eurorack Module

Expert Sleepers has introduced the General CV, a combination of a General MIDI synthesizer, a multi-channel CV-to-MIDI converter, and a host processor capable of generating huge amounts of MIDI data, either in response to control voltages (CVs) or algorithmically.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The module’s software provides a layer of control over the synthesizer allowing you to create sounds far beyond the familiar (cheesy, even) sounds of General MIDI with which you might be familiar. From making the synth behave like a VCO, to creating complex chords and textures, and even to abusing drum sounds into pitched audio sources, the General CV will add a rich selection of fresh sounds to your modular synth.


General CV Demo VIdeos:

Pricing and Availabiity

The General CV is expected to launch at Synthfest UK (October 2017) and to be available in stores immediately thereafter. See the Expert Sleepers site for details.