Cyborgdrive – Novation Peak Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Paco Butrón, aka Cyborgdrive, shared this video song style synth jam, featuring sounds of the Novation Peak synthesizer.

Technical Details:

Original song by Cyborgdrive. All sounds and effects from Novation Peak. No external effects were used. Played on Arturia Keylab and recorded into Ableton Live.

6 thoughts on “Cyborgdrive – Novation Peak Synth Jam

  1. Great track! Have to admit I wasn’t too impressed with what I heard from the Peak when it first came out. Starting to warm up to it though, seems to be a very capable synth. Sounds pretty good when mixed.

  2. Peak is one of the most instantly enjoyable synths I’ve tried. I went from an init to a pretty sweet pad within just a couple of minutes of first getting my hands on it, and I can’t overstate how nice it feels to work with.

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