13 thoughts on “Techno Deluge (Live Set)

  1. bad. they made the same mistake novation did with the circuit: they left out a decent display, like the one of korg´s current electribe models. therefore workflow will be cumbersome as hell. how do you do basic things? how do you read or name things? how do you save, load, or search for things? it´s 2017, for god´s sake! where are your oled´s???

    1. I too have had similar criticism of their wonderful creation, however I directed my words directly to them. I received thoughtful email within 4 hours and in the next 2 hours we debated the omission of a proper screen. Whilst I was not convinced by their reasoning, I applaud them for their gentlemanly manner for taking criticism and responding in the manner they did!

      As for screens not belonging on an instrument, that is just silly. A screen when properly implemented can either be a tool that advances the functionality or the instrument, or a menu diving nightmare!

      What is all the more impressive is that this is the vision and execution of basically one man from what I understood from the exchanges!

  2. I got one of these. A screen would only ruin it. Try it out, then get back here and we’ll talk again. It’s awesome, by the way.

    1. Have one as well and after a while, you don’t really miss a screen. Yes, it would make some actions easier, but mostly it’s so intuitive that you don’t need one. Somehow it’s liberating to work without too exact values, too.

  3. This thing looks stupid fun, I agree that no screen can be a boon man, I’d love to have a go on a deluge to see more what it’s like!

  4. yep, great production. owning one, i am not that good yet but can confirm, it just grows on you. grooves, actually 😉
    yep, the workflow is the screen. it is a major composition tool, your inspiration running through your fingers with instant results and total sonic control. watch how deluge users have this active hands-on fingerstyle, that seems slightly silly when watching the demos and rohans enthusiasm. but you’r actually watching the fun of working with it.
    yep, as for the display, haters hate but who needs a hd display if you’re handling values soo smooth? you know where you are on a deluge, always, so you know what you are doing, the display shows burning big numbers, exactly matching what i expect to see when i dial in, say filter cutoff. also, even the leds NEXT to the value knobs are showing smart behavior,, lighting up clearly but showing hues when approaching a new led on the meter. also, for settings like pan and delay, center or tempo-matched 50% values indicated by rapidly stuttering leds the instant you reach the exact middle. AND, for tuning in cents it gets really smart. the display knob advances the digits, the knob next to it shifts the decimal point. so its always multiple displays, actually. parallel layers of information about structure, connections and exact values. bandwidth for the mind. just make sure the shortcuts are printed directly onto the machine when ordering. they are the main display and you can always hop sideways or go deeper in any menu, as you wish to work, analytical or hands on.

    so, if deluge is making the most out of really effective limitations, showing hard attention to detail, guess how it performs on the levels that actually matter… it just rocks. i got mine as a travelling studio, it quickly became the main composition tool due to its design quality, workflow and surprising attention to details.

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