New Modules For Free VCV Rack Software Modular Synthesizer

Autodafe has introduced several new add-ons for VCV Rack, a free open-source software modular synthesizer:

Pricing and Availability

The two module packs are available as free or pay-what-you-like downloads. The Blank Panel module is €5.00, with proceeds going to support the creation of Autodafe’s other modules.  Creating an account on the site is required to download any of the modules. 

16 thoughts on “New Modules For Free VCV Rack Software Modular Synthesizer

    1. I discovered what the problem is. If you click the “Add to cart” button BEFORE the page has completely loaded it gives this error (I was able to reproduce it in firefox both on mac and linux)….If you simply wait a bit more and the page loads completely, then there’s no error…

  1. Hi, autodafe here.
    the site is usually working, many people are downloading with no issues. WHcih OS and Browser are you on? I suspect some kind of conflicts on your pc/mac…

  2. I’ve downloaded and added the plugins to to the plugin folder, but they are not available when I load the program. I’ve logged in and selected refresh plugins, yet still don’t see them. Anyone have any luck with these?

    1. In v0.3.2 we are still not able to scroll down the list of modules far enough to see all of them after we add the autodafe modules to the folder. This is supposed to be fixed in upcoming v0.4.0. Until then, just delete some modules from the plugins folder that you’re less likely to use for now, then you can see all the ones left in the list. (You can easily refresh the list and delete different ones later until the update.)

  3. been using them all weekend no issues. you are probably using the older version of the software. make sure you are using the latest release of VCV…

  4. autodafe, these modules really round out the default set. Not having LFOs or Mults made it difficult to really dive in to Rack. Thanks. Dontated.

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