6 thoughts on “Messiaen – “Louange à l’Éternité de Jésus” On Theremin & Bass

  1. Very nice ! Great expression. Unlike HIM, I don’t think it is “almost anti synthesis”, the Theremin is 100% a synthesis engine, however here the machine is only a small part of the sound, the bigger part comes from the musician (the way she plays and the expression), and that’s a very good way for electronic music.

  2. I was expecting the light to go out, and see some kind of clown crawling from behind to rip someone’s head off… creepy as hell
    Well… back to despacito..

    Great playing nonetheless

  3. Ok, unpopular and honest opinion here: Not want to disrespect the women in the video, it takes alot of effort and training to play this instrument right. It’s just, I cannot stand the sound of a theremin for more than a minute. It’s really uncomfortable (in a bad way) and it gives me nothing, no emotions except for wanting to cover my ears. Maybe it’s just me who cannot appreciate this beautiful art.
    Hence, I wonder if the theremin would be as popular if it weren’t for the unique way how you play that instrument, and if it was just about the sound it makes? Imagine someone playing a keyboard and THAT sound would come out, would be just as impressed and praise the player as a genius master of arts?

    1. I think it’s you, but you are probably not alone. We all perceive differently. I thought this performance sounded great.

      I usually find the violin to sound shrill and unpleasant and wonder why it is so popular in classical music. Still, I assume that most people like the sound are not just impressed because of the skill required to play it well.

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