‘Strumming’ With The Haken Continuum

Christophe Duquesne shared this video, which looks at ‘strumming’ as a performance technique with the Haken Continuum.

Duquesne created a custom preset for the Continuum for strumming-style performance. It uses three axes of control to allow for various types of ‘strums’, in addition to multi-dimensional control of individual notes.

Duquesne notes:

“I started designing a strumming preset for the Continuum some weeks ago. At first it was mainly a game (“is it possible to do it ?”), but it appears to be very fun to play ! so here is a small demo of it.

Every sound (except drums) is coming from the Continuum (the effect processing is done internally using the layer feature, one preset processing the output of another one). The main preset is using the Touche feature of the Continuum and the Touche area is using all 3 axis: X for strumming, Z for strumming harder, and Y for damping. So that’s 3 axis for both hands. The little black bar on the left side is just to help staying in the strumming area (if you start strumming outside of the area, it will not strum at all).

This demo is very “guitar style” (Ok, you can say I’m a frustrated guitar player) but of course one of the interesting thing will be to play that way with all sorts of sounds.”

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