Ambient Music For Cats

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via monoseq, captures a live ambient modular performance, featuring the Moog Mother-32 sequencing a Mutable Instruments Rings, paired with guitar pedal effects.

Plus a visit from Nisse the cat.

Here’s what monoseq has to say about the video:

I’ve always been a sucker for lullaby-ish ambient sweet shit, plus my wife and I are just about to have a baby so I’ve been messing around with some simple patches where there’s some randomness but also controlled. I need more modules. thanks to my cat ‘Nisse’ for saying hello. peace

The superego pedal is brilliant. at the end i turn down the dry signal and try and catch the notes by watching the leds on the mother 32. love it

7 thoughts on “Ambient Music For Cats

  1. Very nice!
    Add some noise to replicate the ambience of the womb and the baby should fall fast asleep. Just don’t leave it running all night, though, that could be child abuse.

  2. Nothing wrong with “…ambient sweet shit…”. That was a nice piece.

    And best wishes to you, your wife and child.
    Speaking from experience, the first twenty years are the worst 🙂

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