iPad Drum Machine ‘Ton’ Updated With Sample Import & More

Developer Jérémy Pinat let us know that he’s updated his iPad drum machine app, Ton, adding new new sample-import and sequencing options.

Here’s what’s new in Ton 1.2.0:

  • Custom sample import using iCloud, Dropbox, AudioShare or iTunes File Sharing (in-app purchase.)
  • The step-sequencer can now be 1, 2 or 4 bars long. Sequence length can be set independently for each track. Lengthening a sequence automatically fills the new steps with existing values to support live play.
  • Drastically improved timing accuracy (0.02ms precision.)
  • Tempo range can now be set from 20 to 999 BPM using a new wheel-like control.
  • Patterns can now be used without leaving the main screen.
  • Improved graphics, including waveform visualization.

Pricing and Availability

Ton is a free download, with some additional features available as an In-App purchase.

One thought on “iPad Drum Machine ‘Ton’ Updated With Sample Import & More

  1. been playing with it the last few hours. I like it. Very easy to get accurate settings, wish more apps would use the enlarged increment view when accessing an input amount, I do tons of bpm pitch shifting stuff so going down to 20bpm is also very good for the stuff I do, also very easy to get accurate and quick bpm setting dialed in, and being able to apply effects to specific sounds is appreciated, and of course loading my own samples from dropbox is always a plus, and I like the look of it’s interface.

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