New Isotonik Session Pack, ‘Start Something’, for Novation Circuit

The Isotonik Studios Start Something session pack for Novation Circuit is designed for songwriters that want to get ideas going quickly, ‘whether you are into rock, disco, funk, hip hop or electro’.

The pack features 32 Drum pattern session, divided into 4 distinct groove styles:

  • First row: 8 Rock Drum Sessions
  • Second row: 8 Disco Drum sessions
  • Third row: 8 Funk Drum sessions
  • Fourth row: 8 Hip Hop Drum sessions

Sample Details: 16 Acoustic Kick, 16 Snare, 16 Hi hats and crash, 16 Tom , Clap , Clave and Cow

Pricing and Availability

Start Something is available now from Isotonik Studios for US $7.84.


5 thoughts on “New Isotonik Session Pack, ‘Start Something’, for Novation Circuit

  1. What the article fails to inform the public is that the talent behind this ‘Start Something’ pack is none other than Drake, who has quietly assumed the newly bequeathed position of Creative Director for Novation.

    According to a copy of the yet-to-be-released press announcment:

    ‘Novation is pleased to announce a business partnership with the multifaceted, dynamic talent known the world over as Drake. He is assuming the capacity of CEO and consequently investing $50 million towards the future development and direction of Novation’s newest division, Vision.’

    In a statement in passing to members of the industry elite, Drake had this to say regarding the forthcoming partnership:

    I am happy to have been approached by the immense talent and business fortitude of those representing Novation. Over a proto-vegan course of Kale infused ancient grain turnips, we realized that we share the same long term outlook that music can, democratically, find its way to a larger audience, to the ever growing segment of Millennial Snowflake DJ’s. They are the key, being most receptive and willing to become subscription slaves after they boil down the logic by equating a monthly fee to the going rate of a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.
    Starting next month, early adapters will be able to download stems of all my music to remix and make it their own. They can of course share this with the world community via facepuke, youboob, and instascam.
    Did I forget to mention this a Non-Profit endeavor? Silly me.

    So there you have it readers, the inside scoop…now let’s get curating…hell, just wait until it arrives as a eurorack module, polyrhythmically analog of course!

    Cheers 😉

  2. Novation, I love you guys and the excellent products you make me buy…seriously. I am just having a little fun.

    As for Drake, well, I couldn’t tell him from a hole in the wall but someone with experience in the matter said he was “lyrical”. That must mean something, right?

  3. sorry, novation. implement a screen, for god´s sake. it´s 2017! for comparison: korg´s electribe 2 and 2s both have decent displays. i won´t buy a circuit until novation decides to implement a f***ing screen. not one second earlier. the current workflow is way too cumbersome without a display. at least for me.

    1. Oh, man, you are so right. Let’s scrap all the TR808, TB303, mellotrons and moogs in the world ! They have no screen, there’s absolutely no way that anybody can do good music with these.

    2. I am so tired of this complaint. It’s incredibly short sighted. (No pun intended.)

      Your inability to use the Circuit due to its lack of a screen has more to do with your own shortcomings as a producer than it does with the device itself. Sorry to harsh your vibe, but it’s true. Thousands of people are making real music with it.

      Make music with your ears, not your eyes.

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