An Introduction To Modular Synthesizers With Andrew Huang

Popular Youtube musical artist Andrew Huang (Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows) has revealed, after 13 years, that he’s a huge modular synth nerd.

He shared this video, which offers an introduction to modular synthesizers, tailored to a mainstream audience.

In the video, Huang shares his personal history with getting into modulars and his take on Eurorack modular synthesizers. He also shows how he uses his modular when recording songs.

In addition, Huang shared this ambient music jam, Dots & Lines, created with his Eurorack modular system:

13 thoughts on “An Introduction To Modular Synthesizers With Andrew Huang

  1. Not a fan. At all!

    Talk about opportunism! Even the title of this is misleading. I despise it when people chasing a trend try to make it seem like they’ve been doing it for years. The title of this should not be misleading his 1m followers that he’s been into modular for over a decade. Max and Ableton and software… is not the same in any way to hardware. It is someone new to a community trying to pretend as if he is a veteran. Maybe that works in the youtube world, or for insecure teens, but not in the adult music world. It is chasing a trend for hits. This dude gets more than enough hits, no need to try to milk the small modular community for extra. A perfect example of someone getting into modular for the wrong reason: to make youtube money and buy overpriced sleeveless t-shirts. I don’t think he doesn’t have talent, or that his bizarre version of r&b music doesn’t appeal to lots of people out there. But we shouldn’t be encouraging social media stars to plunder the independent synth community for ad money, or free gear, or their own financial benefit. That would be pretty disastrous to a small community that already has too many cash-in people as it is. Maybe the cash me outside girl can make some modules and do some euro tutorials.

    1. Sad to see people criticizing him for giving our cult some positive mainstream audience coverage for a change.

      Also, sad to see a critique composed completely of personal biases, rather than the actual content of the video. This gives the impression that you don’t care about the content – just sharing your biases.

      If you do watch it, you’ll find he did a great job on the video – not something ‘opportunistic’ – and it’s clear he knows his stuff better than most people posting comments or making modular videos.

      If anything is going to hold back the modular community, it’s comments like yours, that suggest that the community is intolerant of people who are different, even when they have demonstrated their talent and knowledge.

    2. I’ve talked with him personally and he’s owned modular gear for a while. Not sure how long, but it’s not like he bought this system and just made a video with it. Just surprised how flippantly you’d call a stranger a liar with no proof.

      If the dude gets more than enough hits, why would he need the small portion of Eurorack world? He’d obviously be making more money if he spent time on his other videos that have more viral potential. If he’s making videos that are about Eurorack, by your own logic it must be that he enjoys modular, right?

      Speaking of logic, wouldn’t it make more sense that if Andrew’s huge following starts getting into Eurorack, that means more money in Eurorack modules, more companies, more competition, lower prices for everyone? Eurorack isn’t like indie music – its worth doesn’t decrease as more people that get into it. The only people who care about Eurorack staying small and weird are those who are into it because of its cultural cache.

      In the end, I’m really skeptical of anyone who is gatekeeping and tells someone not to create. I mean take a hard look at why you felt so compelled to basically tell someone to sit down and shut up. Great things happen only when artists ignore opinions like this one.

      I’m also happy to welcome all sorts of people – even those whose music I don’t like – because, unlike a lot of internet commenters, I think the world is better, not worse, because it has lots of people, places, art, etc. that I don’t like in it.

  2. I don’t mind this video I just found the video title misleading. It reminds of a statement someone I knew used to say. He would tell people he had been a cook/chef since he was 16 years old. What he really meant was that when he was a teenager he made ice cream cones at Dairy Queen. Hyperbole.

  3. This negativity is unnecessary. Trying to make Andrew Huang out to be unethical or misleading is ridiculous! Like you think you know everything about him just because you watched some of his stuff? I’d say just relax nerds and enjoy the music.

  4. I’ve seen Andrew’s videos before. He’s very good at what he does. His music is decent too, but it’s not really my taste. His singing voice in this video ain’t too shabby if you ask me.

    I’m not a modular nerd (yet). I’ve been playing with iOS modular apps and lurking over on with hope I might pick up some accessible modular knowledge. The modular nerds tend to want to make it all sound extremely complicated that only the largest brains would be capable of comprehending. 😉

    This video doesn’t appear to disingenuous at all. I know he charges a great deal to pimp product, and evidently gets it. But, this video plays like he just wants to share what he’s passionate about. It’s a nicely done “Introduction to Modular” just like the title says it is.

    Ended up watching this twice actually, and he linked to a few modular artists I’d already discovered and love, so I wanted to check out the other artists he referenced as well. His video also made entry into the hardware world of modular, not quite as intimidating.

  5. Well, this Andrew is a social media whore, no question about that.

    Most of the modular artists are not really considered musicians in my eyes anyway, but tweakheadz due to that I don’t see any talents in turning knobs until your gear makes a complex sound compared to getting skills in playing keys or strings.

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