Colin Benders Patches Together A Modular Banger

The latest in Fact magazine’s Against The Clock series features a ‘super-terrified’ Colin Benders, live patching a modular system to create a banger in 10 minutes. 

The video was filmed at Amsterdam Dance Event’s Sound Lab and should be a special treat for modular synth fans, because the cameras’ perspectives offer a clear view of his system as he patches and performs with it.

Or, as Youtube commenter nulu08 puts it, “First I was like meh. Then I was like wtf this is decent. Now I’m like oh shit! Lol”

9 thoughts on “Colin Benders Patches Together A Modular Banger

  1. What a total cheat. He started with a bunch of patch cords already in!

    Seriously, though, it started sounding really good a few minutes in and then becomes very musical around 5. He even nails the end. Excellent!

  2. I’m not generally a fan of modular jams, it seems like a very expensive way to make random bleepy noises, but this is pretty epic in its own way. I wonder though, how much of this was just patching of pre-prepared sequences and sounds? Eurorack seems to be much more digital than analogue these days.

  3. Colin is the bees knees.

    Not only does here create and interesting patch in ten minutes but he creates something highly “playable”.

    I really don’t think a lot of this was pre-patch or pre-sequenced. Colin knows his instrument very well and gets a lot from it.

    Admittedly he prefers a more traditional, “East Coast” approach versus some of the more “experimental” stuff you’ll here a lot in modular. But this is also the stuff I generally prefer.

  4. I am a fan of him. 🙂 every week he has a live feed. from his studio…. He is really musical……. He is a musical conductor/composer, trumpet player and a electronic musician. Check his facebook or website….

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