Superbooth 18 Tickets Now Available

Superbooth organizers have announced that tickets for Superbooth 18, being held in Berlin May 3-5, 2018, are now available.

Organizers say that Superbooth 18 – described as “the world’s largest trade fair for electronic musical instruments and music production” –  will be bigger than ever. It will feature an expanded exhibition area and more than 5000 attendees are expected.

More than 80% of the Superbooth 2017 exhibitors have already confirmed that they’ll be back for the 2018 event. In addition there will be many new manufacturers attending for the first time next year, and organizers are expanding the event space to accommodate them.

The event will return to Berlin’s FEZ:

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The FEZ is a unique non-profit family science and technology center, built by the GDR in what was then East Berlin. So it has exhibit space and concert halls – but also has a two-story play land, a space center, a swimming pool and a train.

Here’s a look back at some of the highlights of Superbooth 17:

3 thoughts on “Superbooth 18 Tickets Now Available

  1. When I first heard about this event I was extremely excited. Traveling over seas does not bother me. The lack of response to my question on lodging is concerning. The lack of any support information for travelers is extremely alarming. Hopefully I missed something and some one can help me out with this information.

    1. Where are you asking questions?

      Here’s a quick summary of our experiences.

      For the last two years, we just used a travel site to book a hotel in the city. The hotels are inexpensive by US standards, but with more compact rooms. Food and drink is comparably inexpensive, too.

      At the airport, you can get a transit pass for about 40 Euro/week. This lets you go anywhere in Berlin on trains, trams, bus and underground. We used Maps on our mobiles to figure out which transit option to take. Mass transit in Berlin is simple and reliable.

      We have stayed near Alexanderplatz and Ostbahnhof, which are convenient to get to from the airport. Next time we go, though, we’ll probably get lodging closer to the event for convenience.

      English speakers can get around very easily, most Germans are multilingual. Superbooth events are held in English. It’s unusual for a vendor to not have an English-speaking rep. The noise levels at the event are more of a barrier to communication.

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