13 thoughts on “Digitakt Mediterranean Seaside Jam

  1. Why would you record this like this? What’s the point of the background, lack of music? Mmmmm, generic Tech House and seaside, my first association. Btw. Mediterranean is not an ocean.

  2. Omg ugh. That just looks sooo unnatural and forced…. “You should get out more” – and how about leave the Digitakt at home? What about get out and experience the real world and nature without a digital device, and maybe then go back to your digital studio and pull from that experience? The last thing I want to do – if I’m lucky enough to experience something as marvelous as that ocean terrain – is shut my ears, and put my head down and stare at my Digitakt’s OLED screen and mechanically bop my head up-n-down, to a mindless 16 step sequencer. Good lord almighty srsly.

  3. I think electronic music is so deeply associated with dark crowded indoor environments that we are seeing a backlash trend because not everyone wants to be in a dark room when they hear, enjoy, or make it. He may or may not have gone swimming too that day too we don’t know. It’s no crime to bring gear outside and use it. I think his focus is on action and execution here rather than being correct. So many people strive to be correct and they suffer from stress and misery because of it. Only certain things need to be correct. Like the battery for his DT should be the correct voltage because if its too low of a voltage the device won’t turn on, but not everything needs to be correct. There’s no correct way to bob your head but people might prefer certain methods. There’s isn’t a correct rock to make music on but people might be drawn to a particular rock.

    1. Its a great little box. No big deal that the music is un-adventurous. The only irritant is another use of the burning button syndrome where users press a button and snap back their hands as if they were being burned!
      Clearly it’s done to give the impression that there is some kind of finesse in playing this way and that the nature of the precision of button/knob manipulation is such that if the player’s hand in not snapped back well away from the unit, they could accidentally catch the button/knob and ruin the performance!
      Its also done to make the musician feel like they are interacting with their machine in a kind of romantic Spanish guitary kind of way … and it sucks.
      After twisting a knob or pushing in a button or bringing down a fader or swiping a touch strip please remember to move your hand away at a normal pace. If you do this you are cool. If you snap your hand back in a pretentious manner you are not cool. please be cool .

  4. Another day, another pack of miserable commenters.

    I thought the tune was alright, but started and progressed rather abruptly. It would benefit from pacing the build up and release of tension. It has an impressive amount going on for just one box, a good example of what the digitakt can do on its own.

  5. i’d say this is a advert ,not a real jam .
    designed to make you think its cool to take yourself to a natural beauty spot and then shut yourself off from your surroundings with headphones and staring at a tiny screen ,while all around you life and the beauty of nature is happening all around you.
    quite a sad bit of marketing.
    choose life…..<<< famous quote

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