Eowave Quadrantid Swarm Experimental Touch Synthesizer

Eowave has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Quadrantid Swarm Experimental Touch Synthesizer.

The Quadrantid Swarm is a desktop touch synthesizer aimed at sound designers and musicians who are looking for an expressive tool to explore rich and unusual soundscapes. It is an instrument that has been designed to be used with MIDI, alongside your modular synthesizer/CV sequencer or to be explored as a standalone drone/sequencer/generative synthesizer.

Here’s the official into video:


The Quadrantid Swarm features 8 modes: Organ, Strings, Drone, Noise, Grains, Perc, Metal & Chiptune. The modes are not direct emulations of existing instruments, but they borrow on inspiration from their namesakes.

Pricing and Availability

The Quadrantid Swarm is being produced via a Kickstarter project, and is available to backers starting at €425. The project has already met its funding goal.

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