Expert Sleepers FH-1 Update Lets You Use Gamepads & Trackballs With Your Modular

Expert Sleepers has released an update for its FH-1 USB MIDI Host module that lets you use gamepads & trackballs with your modular synthesizer.

Based on an all-new USB stack, the new firmware has two key additions:

  • support for USB hubs, so you can connect more than one MIDI device at the same time; and
  • support for USB HID peripherals (e.g. trackballs, gamepads etc.).

The first video, above, demonstrates using the FH-1 with a gamepad. The second video, below, looks at using both a USB Hub and a trackball with a Eurorack modular:

Firmware v2.0 for the FH-1 USB MIDI Host module is available now, as a free download.

8 thoughts on “Expert Sleepers FH-1 Update Lets You Use Gamepads & Trackballs With Your Modular

  1. Bit off topic. I’ve been looking for something along these lines to provide vector control to a wavestation SR. The problem I have is finding an xy controller that will merge with a midi keyboard data stream like on the video above then pipe the data on a 5 pin midi cable to the wavestation. Things like the Korg nanos are USB, so would need usb to midi, then a midi merge box, so not cheap in the end.
    The trackball demo above looks great for a modular – anyone any tips for regular midi?

    1. yo man those iconnectivity Mio devices have both 5-pin and USB inputs for midi.. still not exactly “cheap” but at least its all in one device

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