TheoryBoard MIDI Controller Updated With Sequencing, Arpeggiation More

California-based startup Irijule has blown past its fundraising goals for their TheoryBoard MIDI controller Kickstarter project and has announced plans to add new features.

Founder Evan Swanson shared a list of features, added since we covered the TheoryBoard Kickstarter launch:

  • On-board sequencing and arpeggiator functions
  • Rows of 12 pads on both sides to enable chromatic functions. This also enables the chord and melody side to be inverted
  • X/Y pads for pitch and modulation contro
  • Performance buttons that are user programmabl
  • Polyphonic after touch and velocity sensitive pad
  • Ability to split the MIDI signal between the chord and melody sid
  • 12 root note buttons that allow the user to easily change the root note of the loaded scale in real tim
  • 4 extra pads to store custom scales that can be changed on-the-fly in real time -Ability to update software via firmware

Swanson also shared these status updates:

  • Completed:
    • Ported code from our first prototype’s 8 bit processor to a newer faster 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 based processor. This is a very large bump up in raw power which will allow us to add more features now and in future user installable software updates
    • Octave, Spread, and Inversions tested and finished -Other minor feature updates and code optimization
  • In progress:
    • Testing velocity sensitive buttons, making sure that we get the perfect feel since this is such an important part of production and performanc
    • Updating the LCD screen from a 2×16 text LCD to a 3.2” LCD. This makes scrolling through the menu easier, also gives room for us to provide LCD feedback on what notes you are hitting overlaid onto a piano graphi
    • Finalizing PCB design to be sent off for mass production
  • Upcoming:
    • Finalize plastics (or possible metal) case design -Finalize elastomer button design

Pricing and Availability

The TheoryBoard is available to Kickstarter backers for US$399. Irijule expects a delivery date in May 2018, and say that the TheoryBoard will be available after that with an MSRP of $799.

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    1. Kordbot too complicated in comparison.

      TheoryBoard far simpler as it is intended to be simples.

      Although could do with a name change to RainbowGummy :-)) matches the fun and colors of what it does . Memorable.

      TheoryBoard just sounds laboratory mathematical mindnumbing killjoy..

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