Intros Better Patch Cables For Compact 5U Modular Systems has introduced a new line of patch cables that are designed for use with compact 5U modular systems.

Their ‘A’ Series cables are 1/4″ mono phone plugs, designed for easy handling in densely-packed systems. The new cables are designed to be more flexible and usable in small systems than the company’s standard cables

Here’s what they have to say about the new ‘A’ Series cables:

The low-profile body is machined aluminium providing a feel of solid feel of quality.

Grooves in the body hold color-coded rings to produce a fantastic grip and ease of use. Change the rings as you see fit.

Color-coded shielded cable helps the eye untangle the web of dense patches.

‘A’ Series cables also allow you to keep your patch when adding lids to portable cabinets.

Available in a wide array of colors and lengths.

See the site for details.

4 thoughts on “ Intros Better Patch Cables For Compact 5U Modular Systems

    1. The new cables were designed with mobile 5U ‘suitcase’ style systems in mind:’s Box 11 cases are 23.375″w x 3.25”d x 10.125”h, which are pretty compact, especially for 5U systems.

      If you want really compact though, there’s always the 1U format:

  1. …and still to this day nobody has figured out that cables in hardware synths should
    (a) be stackable (like Serge), AND
    (b) have built-in fader. This saves a knob on the module, and allows mixing the input signals.
    (c) Future: Each should have bluetooth fading. Then you can send patches to your setup.
    (This one is tough to swallow maybe; too much digital for the hardware fetishists…)

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