Behringer Teases ARP 2600, WASP, SYNTHI Clones

Behringer has revealed plans to release clones of a studio full of classic analog synthesizers.

They’ve updated their site with details for new versions of these synthesizers:

It looks like Behringer is releasing information on their plans early in their development process, like they did with the still-to-be-released Behringer D, because they haven’t shared any photos or release dates for the new synths.

It also looks like the synths will not be straight clones of the originals, but will be redesigned to do things like support MIDI, fit in Eurorack format, add USB support, etc. They’re also likely to differ from the originals by using modern surface-mount production methods, like the Behringer D.

We would not be surprised if they release more info around the time of the 2018 NAMM Show – though they no longer participate in the NAMM Show.

Here’s what we know about the new Behringer synth clones so far. For each synth, we’ve included a video example of the original in action, along with the specifications that Behringer has shared:

WASP DELUXE – based on the rare EDP WASP synthesizer:

2600 – based on the classic ARP 2600 synthesizer:

CAT – inspired by Octave’s The CAT synthesizer

SYNTHI VCX3 – inspired by the SYNTHI VCS3:

MS-101-BK, MS-101-GY, & MS-101-BU – a clone of the classic Roland SH-101:

K-20 – a Eurorack version of the Korg MS-20

It’s worth noting that Behringer has these new synths on their site in their ‘Synthesizers and Samplers’ category, but they have not shared any plans for any samplers yet.

Check out the details and let us know what you think of Behringer’s synth clone plans!

Update: Behringer has updated the Musictribe site to remove info for these products.