Roland Cloud Adds TR-808, TR-909 VST, AU Plugins

Ahead of the 2018 NAMM Show, Roland Virtual Sonics has announced that it is making software versions of the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 available via Roland Cloud.

Roland has created reproductions of the original TR-808 and TR-909 as VST and AU plugins, alongside the new SRX Orchestra virtual instrument. All three instruments will come as regular updates to the Roland Cloud service starting in February and continuing through early spring.

Roland says that the virtual instruments reproduce the original TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composers based on detailed circuit analysis and design specifications.

SRX Orchestra is the first of Roland’s SRX Expansion Library to be made available as individual virtual instruments. SRX Orchestra complements the recent release of the JV-1080, bringing more of the distinctive sound of 90s-era Roland instruments to Roland Cloud.

For details, see the Roland Cloud site.

10 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Adds TR-808, TR-909 VST, AU Plugins

  1. Welcome to 1997 Roland, when Propellerhead did this already. P.S. TAL Bassline makes your own SH-101 sound amateurish.

    You know what to do with your cloud.

  2. I have owned all the classics, and I have listened to the ACB ones. They sound and behave like the hardware if those are serviced and in mint condition. Stop the useless trolling and pointless snobbery. Get a life!

  3. I can tell you guys how it works. There is a board of directors meeting, where everyone suggests ideas and product improvements. One of the directors heard something about clouds and he may even have iPhone with iCloud. He thinks: what if we put all the crap into cloud! That is cheap, fancy and modern. Cutting edge buzz word! The rest of old farts vote to try it (because they have no clue what this is, they just heard fancy word)… After a while, this executive order boils down to research groups who of course agree to try it (mostly to keep their jobs – who would argue with executive decision?). Finally some semi backed product is done. Well. You guys did not consider the fact that your target customer base is different in mentality! FAIL. At best they will shut down everything soon.

    1. Man that’s exactly how it works. It is so obvious. That same board meeting is still sitting around wondering why their digital Jupiter 50 failed when they were reliably informed that “everyone wants the jupiter again !!”. That company is staggering around blind in the dark seriously. Unless they actually wake from their Digital Coma and feel the Korg spanking they have received and understand why I am confident they should go broke soon #fail

  4. I have Nepheton and Drumazon – got them both on a mega sale. I like them. Would like a real 808 but ca’t afford the cash or the space. Was so glad when the tr-08 came out but demos haven’t blown me away yet (some people said they need manual,tuning to sound accurate). Now these VSTs too. It’s great to have choice, so thanks Roland!

  5. ‘Cloud’ aka rent, never own, I’ll pass. There’s plenty of good VSTs out there that I can own with better functionality/sound for a much long term cheaper cost. Kinda shows no respect for musicians trying to get them to buy into this dumb crap.

    1. Actually, for every 12 month that you stay member of the Roland Cloud you get to pick one virtual synth that becomes your own permanently, regardless of your subscription status. Still, I agree that it could be a bit cheaper.

  6. I’m surprised about all the complaints on the Roland Cloud. I’ve been a member now for two months and during that time it’s been updated with D-50 and JV-1080 and now also 808 & 909 and the SRX module, so I’m really happy with the system. I understand the business model behind a cloud system, as it gives the company a steady income for creating more plugins as well. Also, you don’t need to pay for any upgrades.

    Having said that, It could be a bit cheaper though. Right now it is more expensive than, for instance, buying the Korg collection. Take another comparison, EastWest’s Composercloud is 24,95 USD per month, but then you get access to a VAST sample library – all of EastWest’s products. I think 9,95 USD per month would be better than the current 19,95 USD for the Roland Cloud. But if Roland keeps adding to the library at this rate, the current price for the cloud could be OK in a year.

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