Behringer Model D Hands-On Demo

This video, via DivKidVideo, takes a look at the new Behringer Model D analog synthesizer, an updated clone of the Moog Music Minimoog Model D.

Video Summary:

In this video, I introduce the device tell you what it is, go through the features and show off several patches and sounds ranging from FM, filter oscillator, bass line, filter sweeps, making percussion sounds, eurorack modulation, audio rate modulation, CV over LFO, noise, feedback and a whole load more.

The full videos of those little patch jams will all be uploaded separately and I’m working on a series of videos looking to highlight each section of the device included the controllers and connections, oscillator bank, mixer, filter, modifiers and output section. As well as then going beyond that into some sound design and integration.

8 thoughts on “Behringer Model D Hands-On Demo

  1. It’s good to see a demo from someone who knows what they are doing with a synth, instead of the usual random knob twiddling. This thing really does sound good – it has that ‘wallop’ that I associate with the true Moog sound. Behringer needs to get these out quicker though, they seem to be having a Tesla moment.

  2. For me it has all of the hallmarks of a GAS purchase.

    * I have no need for it
    * I have a Sub 37 anyway
    * I have a couple of other analog monos with no patch saving
    * No patch saving is a PITA
    * It is probably very close to the sound of, say, Monark (which I have) and The Legend (which I don’t)
    * I don’t have the money for it
    * I would probably use it 10% as much as I think I would and it would undoubtedly gather dust.

    But I want it sooooooo bad!!!!

  3. Arturia Mini V was endorsed by Bob Moog himself so I’ll stick with Mini V. Behringer good luck but I’m not buying the hype.

  4. Interestingly this has made me look back at the SE-02 and some videos comparing it to the D. Although the SE-02 now looks a bit overpriced (and fiddly and wobbly!), it is closer in terms of features to what I would find useful. Maybe the D will get Roland to drop the price on the SE-02.

  5. This really is a New Sound and I love it. Yes I get that it is a clone, that’s not my point. This is a New sound that I feel would sit perfect in the mix next to other Moog’s. I think it would sit very nicely next to Korg’s too. What do you think?

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