Finegear Intros Mixerblocks DIY Modular Mixer

Finegear founder Cristian Kreindler has introduced Mixerblocks, a new modular DIY analog mixing console that is designed so that it can grow and evolve, by adding channel strips and other ‘blocks’ to meed your needs.

The Mixerblocks series is a modular and expandable analog audio mixing console. A variable number of channel strips can be connected to a main I/O docking-block. Each channel-block can also have one or more extra-blocks connected to it, adding supplementary effect sends, returns or submix groups to the configuration.

Mixerblocks is also open hardware, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License,  so you can mod the design, build on the design, built compatible blocks and more.

Mixerblocks is designed to be a DIY project, and can be built with a choice of enclosures: MDF  (as shown abover) or sheet metal. Most of the parts are SMD and already soldered on the PCBs, so all that’s left to assemble are the controls and a few through-hole parts, making it an easy DIY build.

A basic input channel is available for now, while other types of channels, such as tube preamps and passive equalizers, are planned. Inside each channel, the preamp and EQ boards are separate, allowing for various groupings. The current input channel is also designed to be compatible with the DiYRE Colour format.

Mixerblocks Features:

Pricing and Availability

See the Finegear site for more info.