31 thoughts on “Behringer VC340 Vocoder Plus Audio Demo

    1. Mr. Firechild should be commended for his deceptively simple but deeply contemplative, emotive and expressive song that addresses a critical problem of the modern world: the relationship between humanity and ever-evolving technology. On the surface the song personifies the vintage Roland VP-330 synthesizer/vocoder and its despair at being “replaced” by a modern digital model. By humanizing the vintage Roland synth, Mr. Firechild gives voice to our own existential fear of being replaced by cold, digital machinery. It asks the question: as the new replaces the old, is it necessarily better? What is lost? Can we build machines that are not only technologically powerful but also kind and beautiful? And if we don’t include warmth and humanity in our new technology, will both be lost forever?

      1. Seems that someone has a warmth crush on mr firechild here

        PS Speak for yourself about your own fear of being replaced by cold, digital machinery. what kind of person are you that can compare yourself to cold digital machinery?

      2. So the central message is “Buy clones of old analog technology and stop cold digital machines dead in their tracks.” Got it. That’s the excuse I will give my girlfriend when she asks why there’s suddenly a Korg Mono/Poly in the kitchen. 🙂

        1. p.s. I should have been clearer that I was referring to the wistful VP-330 song from the previous comment/youtube link, rather than this post’s ode to the Behringer clone!! The comment threading system is a bit inconvenient to navigate and you can’t easily relocate posts. Though I was highly entertained by both of them actually, and I think that recalling older “dated” styles is kind of the point of what Mr. Firechild is doing!! I guess I might get tired of vocoded, semi-operatic synth reviews after a while, but I actually enjoyed this one.

    2. that is a harsh word…
      I’m not particularly fond of his lyrics either… But it is not like synth music always have had mature lyrics, though. At least at this point in time, that kind of lyrical style feels a bit outdated.

  1. the vocoder is just a fun bonus, this is a new build analog string synth and I love the string and vox sounds I’ve heard from it so far. TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

    1. Agreed. It’s not like they’re cloning an existing available product with this so I’m good with it. Like the DM12, this is the synth Roland SHOULD have released instead of the Boutique.

  2. I amazed of the number of synth geeks out there who never learned proper fingering. Poor fingering puts a limit on a players capability.

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