Vermona randomRHYTHM Trigger Sequencer Now Available

Vermona has announced the availability of randomRHYTHM, a random-based dual-channel trigger sequencer.

The module has four sliders per rhythm-section to set the probability for the appearance of quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets to form sequences.

Each of the rhythm-section can work in realtime or dice mode.

Clock central and multiple outputs

Beside the sequence output of each rhythm-section, there are individual outs for the quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets. You can use them with or without random. The latter makes randomRHYTHM a precise tool to generate or multiply clocks.

The module can create its own clock or work with external clocks (per rhythm-section, if you like). The RESET input lets you mute the outputs or restart your diced bar. As with all parameters, the functionality can be set individually per rhythm-section.

Pricing and Availability

The randomRHYTHM is available now for €299 EUR (Europe) and US $349. See the Vermona site for details.