Le Strum MIDI Controller Hands-On Demo

Reader Olivier Ozoux shared this hands-on demo of the Le Strum MIDI controller.

The Le Strum is a unique MIDI controller, that’s sort of like the love child of an Omnichord & a Stylophone, combining chord functions with stylus performance.

“Le Strum was one of my first DIY project,” he notes, “and I remember how happy I was that the little LED turned on and it sent Midi signals after I finished soldering all these little part together.”

The Le Strum is available for US $59, or as a bare-bones DIY project for $19.

7 thoughts on “Le Strum MIDI Controller Hands-On Demo

  1. GREAT VIDEO, Olivier! It’s informative, mercifully concise, and very entertaining!

    What a cool lil device! The strum field is a bit tiny, but given the nature of this device, it makes sense.

    Does this box let you program the chords? Or is that hardwired with the device? I suppose the chords could be remapped externally.

  2. Perhaps this will be released as a built instrument rather than a kit in the future. I still have a non-functional Arpie sitting on a shelf because I apparently suck at soldering and was never able to figure out what’s wrong with it.

      1. It is still a kit. The bare bones DIY version has you sourcing most of the components whereas for $59 you get everything you need to solder one together minus the soldering gun.

    1. I bought a pre-assembled one (because I also lack these skills) and a nice stand for it from Tindie a few years ago, but I see that pre-assembled units are no longer on offer…that’s too bad…, because it’s a very nice device/controller!

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