Corsynth Intros 5U DR-01 Bass Drum Module

Corsynth has introduced the DR-01 Bass Drum, the first of a new series of modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis.

The DR-01 is designed to let you create analog bass drums, toms, percussive sounds and even basslines in a single space. The parameters in the module have been  chosen to be used in a drum synthesis context (envelope times, oscillator frequencies, oscillator waveform etc ).


  • A voltage controlled oscillator with dedicated CV input for tuning.
  • A voltage controlled timbre circuit.
  • A dedicated tune modulation envelope.
  • An amplitude envelope with three different settings for the attack time.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Corsynth DR-01 Bass Drum Module is available now for 215 € + VAT.

15 thoughts on “Corsynth Intros 5U DR-01 Bass Drum Module

    1. Hello Leslie. I am sorry to hear that the DR-01 is not appealing to you. What I don’t think is correct is calling the module “one trick pony”. One thing that is not written in the post is that all the sounds from the demos are from the DR-01 not just the bass drum so as you can hear is quite versatile. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris , the DR-01 is not based in any particularly instrument. As I said in the other comment all the sounds from the demos are from the DR-01 not just the bass drum 🙂

  1. For the folks who, like myself, are wondering about what’s what in the demos per the SoundCloud page, “All sounds from the Corsynth DR-01 Bass Drum module. Four DR-01 has been used to create these demos.”

  2. Why just the one drum ? i need to layer at least 4 !
    the original 808 drum machine had just 1 kick ..
    lets put pressure on these manufacturers still trying to sell us yester years products…
    Do not let them get away with it anymore ,we want groundbreaking new ways of doing stuff….
    i need to layer my kicks ,why should i have to use a daw ??
    give us a drum machine with 6 layer kicks all analogue

    1. Hi girt Willy. The point of modulars is to have any modules you need/want. The demos are not layered , they are recorded I real time using four DR-01. The module is not designed to be a drum machine just a drum voice. My brand is specialized in analog designs.If you want ground breaking designs there are other brands like elektron that have great products 🙂

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