9 thoughts on “Iconic Pink Floyd Sounds On iVCS3

  1. Meh. Not very impressed.
    These patches don’t really sound authentic to me and they don’t have that saturation and depth that the original sounds had.
    The “On The Run” patch from [0:54 – 1:13] in the video wasn’t even very accurate. The “on the run” patches on the Novation UltraNova and Korg Radias sound more authentic than this.

    1. This is a $15 iPad app. While it’s not a perfect emulation of the real thing, it definitely does a good job of mimicking the essence of the VCS3 sound with the same whistling filter sound. And let’s not kid ourselves – the original instrument can be mind-bendingly random to actually program. The best sounds from it were happy accidents.

  2. Nicely done! Floyd is one of my favorite bands of all time, and while it isn’t an exact recreation of these sounds, it is pretty cool to see you can get so close using something downloaded from the App Store. At the tribute concert, no one is going to care about those minor differences or what instruments made those sounds. They’re going to be, as they should be, rocking out to the sounds of one of the greatest bands to ever do it.

    1. I’m also very impressed. James Edwards clearly knows his way around the VCS3! I’m unable to address the accuracy of the recreations as I haven’t listened to Floyd since university but I suspect it’s nothing a little judiciously applied EQ can’t fix. Well done!

  3. I admire cover bands who tackle the classics of prog groups, because the musical load is pretty heavy. I’ve heard a few who definitely got it right. I’d also feel personally foolish to hold down a key, “Make A Floyd Noise Here” and grin over it. “On the Run” is the obvious big offender, but its also hard to avoid the O Lucky Man lead or the Vangelis pad monster from “Blade Runner.” No problem, because I enjoy starting there and modifying it until its my sound rather than a copycat move. The iVCS3 impresses me, ’cause Jarre used to carry FOUR of the original hardware synths in an angled mega-case. You can still see one onstage here and there.

  4. One of my fav apps. Use it all the time. We spent more on breakfast the other day than what the app cost me lol. JFTR, I love my iPads and all the apps I use. The amount of sound making power we have access to and can carry anywhere we go in these little devices is so fucking cool, cheers to James Edward, nice patches!

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