Mumdance MUM M8 Filter Inspired By Classic AKAI S950 Sound

This video, via Fact Magazine, features UK producer Mumdance (Jack Adams), talking about his new filter module, the MUM M8.

The MUM M8 is a Eurorack filter module, designed with UK Euro maker ALM Busy Circuits. The module is inspired by the filter on the AKAI S950 sampler (1988), which was used on many classic jungle and hardcore records.


  • Eurorack recreation of classic sampler filter with added resonance and voltage control.
  • Dual audio inputs, one with VCA and level control.
  • Dual CV (with attenuversion) and manual control of cut off frequency.
  • Single CV (with attenuation) and manual control of resonance.
  • Ability to overdrive and saturate signals into filter core.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Skiff friendly.

For details on the MUM M8, see the ALM site.

6 thoughts on “Mumdance MUM M8 Filter Inspired By Classic AKAI S950 Sound

  1. i remember how much ppl would complain about the lame-ass filter in the S950 and S1000!!. how it was only 12db and had no bite. Its what made EMU so much more desirable as a sampler, because it has 24db filters and a nice res. I had an S1000 and i can confirm the filter was almost unusable for any kind of traditional “filter” effect it was more like “hey someone just threw a sheet over the monitors” kinda result haha

    But then again i suppose if you want the same sound as the S950 they used for jungle then its a valid product i guess.

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