Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm Drum Machine Now Available

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Modal Electronics let us know that their CRAFTrhythm drum machine – a new member of the Modal CRAFT family of inexpensive mobile instruments – is now available.

The Modal CRAFTrhythm is an 8-track drum & percussion sampler device that features a range of sample sequencing and modification options. Like the earlier CRAFTsynth, the CRAFTrhythm is an inexpensive, but powerful, device that you assemble yourself. It can work standalone, but also works with the free CraftApp that lets you load custom samples and more.

Here’s a sneak preview of the CRAFTrhythm, which they introduced at Knobcon 2017:

Modal has also updated the CRAFTapp to support the rhythm device. Here’s a quick demo, showing how the app, rhythm and synth can be used together:


  • 8 track drum/percussion sampler instrument kit with built in 16 step sequencer, requires no soldering, electronics skills or tools.
  • Can store up to 64 x 16-bit mono samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz, and using CraftApp users can upload their own samples
  • Mixer stage per track with level and pan controls
  • Low pass resonant filter per track with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope
  • Amplitude Attack-Hold-Decay envelope per track
  • Tune control with 3 different pitch modes – SPEED, STRETCH and SHIFT
  • SPEED alters the pitch by playing the sample faster or slower
  • STRETCH selects the number of steps the sample will be stretched to fit into, allowing for tempo matching for looped samples
  • SHIFT activates a pitch shifting algorithm that maintains the original sample length along with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope, which works well with samples containing melodic content
  • 16 recallable patterns with up to 16 part pattern chaining
  • 8 recallable kits that store the per-track parameters for sonic changes on the fly
  • Global tempo and tap tempo with a step division for semi-quavers, quavers and quarter notes
  • Pattern groove control that up to half way increases the swing/shuffle amount and then provides 8 preset grooves that allow for triplets and other non-conventional rhythms
  • Live input mode allows steps to be played in while the sequencer is running
  • Class-compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Headphone and line output
  • Powered by USB Mini B or optional AAA battery pack (Adafruit 727, 3 x AAA pack)

Pricing and Availability

The Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm is available now for US $99.

2 thoughts on “Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm Drum Machine Now Available

  1. I have just picked up one and first impressions are mixed. Packaging is very much nicer than the Craft Synth, in its book format with black foam compartments, it would make an excellent gift, what a shame that Modal don’t show this on their site. Given the minimal design ethos, the build quality is fine and assembly an easy 15 minute job. Sound quality is acceptable but nothing stands out as yet to me, good though it is to have 16bit stereo output, somehow it is not as characterful as the 8bit mono Pocket Operators. The app is very good with quite extensive capabilities and no noticeable latency, I do suspect that once I get under the hood and start manipulating custom samples the unit will come alive. Preset patterns are currently very weak, just a bank of clumpy industrial efforts that don’t demonstrate the unit’s potential. Of course they are going to be written over anyway but not good promo. By their muted presence on the internet, nothing new to be found on this unit since September 2017…..Modal need to work harder on both their marketing and social media presence. I’m a Brit and I am genuinely rooting for Modal – a producer colleague has their 002 and 008 -and is really happy with both of them (and Modal’s customer service) but baldly stated – great products are not enough, they really need to up their commercial game to survive. Hopefully we will see a push from them in the next couple of months. Go Modal!

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