Making Euro Modules With Otto’s DIY

Intech Studio let us know about some new projects they’ve published, created with their Eurorack DIY platform, Ott’s DIY.

The first example, above, takes  look at building a MicroClock module, base on Arduino. Here’s what they have to say about the project:

In hobby electronics, Arduino is popular, so we thought utilizing one as part of a Eurorack module might be interesting.

The coolest thing in the Arduino based design is that it can do whatever you want.

This module is programmed to have multiple clock division outputs (x1 x0.5 and x0.25 ). One knob controls the tempo, the other controls the maximum amount of swing (random time jitter) in the output.

The second video, above, takes a look at turning a Korg Monotron Duo into a Euro module.


Pricing and Availability

Production of Otto’s DIY is being funded via an IndieGoGo campaign. Backers can get a starter kit for $20.

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