Expressive Performance With Elektron Synthesizers

Elektron synthesizers are well-known for their sequencing capabilities. This video, though, explores ways you can play expressively with the Digitone & Analog Four synthesizers.

Video Summary:

If you’re not using an external keyboard’s modulations to control your sounds, you’re missing out on a lot. Here’s how to bring sounds to life on the Elektron Digitone, Analog Four (both MK1 and MK2) and Keys.

If your synth accepts modulations from MIDI controllers (after touch, mod wheel, pitch bend) you should really add those to your (or the factory) presets. Unfortunately many presets aren’t programmed to be affected by controller modulations, which means missing out on expressive control.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do that on the Digitone and Analog Four/Keys, though it’s applicable to many others.

via loopop

3 thoughts on “Expressive Performance With Elektron Synthesizers

  1. I’m glad it can be fixed but this really looks like the sound designers at Electron have not done their job properly, especially not even routing velocity!

    Imagine purchasing a Digitone, hooking it to your controller keyboard – I would be majorly disappointed.

    1. I am not sure what you mean. Modulation/expression mapping is a routing feature of any synth. You dont have to use it when making patches. If they didnt on some patches thats not really at all abnormal.

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