New Multi-Tap Delay For iOS, Kosmonaut Space Explorer

Developer Bram Bos has introduced Kosmonaut Space Explorer, a multi-tap delay for iOS.

Kosmonaut combines a number of classic spatial effect techniques into a single signal flow:

  • a tape looper with user-defined decay/sound-on-sound level
  • 4-tap delay (optionally synced to the host tempo)
  • highpass and lowpass filters with LFO control
  • Autopan with variable pan-width
  • ambiance generator
  • Haas-effect processor (“wavefront precedence effect”) with thickness/chorus setting

“These will let you put your dry sounds in a rich and spacious ambiance,” says Bos, “adding life and presence to your signal, ranging from subtle and minimal to outer-space-madness.”

Note: This is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3), which requires a compatible host or DAW to work.

Pricing and Availability

Kosmonaut is available now for US $3.99. Audio demos are available on Bos’s site.

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