8 thoughts on “Novation Peak Video Song

  1. unfortunately novation didn´t come up with a workstation that could have included two circuits, three peaks, a decent, big screen and a keybed. companies nowadays don´t want to invest huge sums of money. where is roland´s successor of the fantom g? how can a 1k-euro board like the fa-06 be roland´s flagship workstation in 2018? that´s ridiculous. kudos to pete goodliffe of akaipro who is responsible for coding the mpc live and mpc x. inmusic/akai is the only company that sells high-end grooveboxes. roland should be ashamed of themselves. the onboard sequencer of the jd-xi is way better than the ones inside the jd-xa and the system 8 – why is that? the juno-ds is more expensive than the jd-xi, although the jd-xi´s sequencer has a swing function, and the sequencer of the juno-ds has not – wtf?? the specs of their gear are in chaos. no one understands that. roland, wake up!

  2. Nice job of showing off the real sonic range of the synth. I have a Nova, so I’m a Novation fan. The Peak is gonna become the Sylenth of the hardware world.

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