Fart Noises On A Moog Synthesizer

A frequent criticism of modular synths, an by extension the people that use them, is that they’re used to make ‘fart noises’.

Some might take offense at that viewpoint, or suggest that it’s just a lazy way to put down music that the listener doesn’t like. Others, though, have realized that there’s actually a paucity of videos demonstrating the sound design of fart noises.

It’s a genre that’s ripe for exploration.

In this video, synthesist Tom Avatars rips a definitive statement. Avatars unleashes the full power of the Moog Mother-32 in a lavish display of shartsesis.

19 thoughts on “Fart Noises On A Moog Synthesizer

  1. You and mr. Methane should collaborate in the ‘art of fart’…Even if it is only for the cause of annoying Simon Cowel…

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