Iconic Sounds Of The E-Mu Emulator II Sampling Synthesizer

This video, via RetroSound, explores some of the iconic sounds of the E-Mu Emulator II sampling synthesizer.

Video Summary:

The E-MU Emulator II is a classic sampling synth from the year 1984. Demo with some legendary sounds from the E-MU library, including Liquid Stack (Depeche Mode) Etheral (Tangerine Dream, Enigma, Peter Gabriel).

The EII was the direct successor of the Emulator and maybe the most famous sampler in the world.

8-bit sampling, 27.7 kHz sample rate, SSM2045 24 dB/oct analog 4-pole low pass resonant filters, awesome sound quality.

Used a lot by Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Genesis, ABC, Front 242, Peter Gabriel, Enigma, Tangerine Dream and a lot more.

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  1. Most famous sampler in the world… I’d say it’s a pretty close call between the Emulator II, Fairlight CMI, and… the Casio SK-1

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