New ScrubBoard Prototype Hands-On Demo

Developer Jeremy Bell shared this preview of the latest version of his ScrubBoard tape-scratching instrument.

The ScrubBoard combines elements of musique concrète and turntablism, letting you play and ‘scratch’ audio tape.

“I spent the past eight months or so using the facilities at a local FabLab to build a true beta prototype, and I’m finally ready to reveal it to the public,” Bell says. “I made this video to demonstrate what it can do. Among its features is the ability to record and play back audio from different spots on the tape loop at the same time, so I can grab the audio from a live vocalist and at it to my scratch playlist, all during a live performance.”

Check it out and share your thoughts on the ScrubBoard concept in comments!

2 thoughts on “New ScrubBoard Prototype Hands-On Demo

    1. @cyrilC – check him and this project out on Facebook. This project is still going strong. He posted a survey asking what people would pay for this device about a week ago.

      I know when he is ready to sell these, I’m jumping on board.

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