Propellerhead Releases Rigs 3 Series For Reason

Propellerhead has released its Rigs 3 series, updated Rack Extension and ReFill bundles for Reason 10.

The Rigs 3 series includes:

  • Mix & Mastering Rig 3: 35 Rack Extensions / 1 ReFill / 70 Videos / 325 Presets
  • Synthetic Rig 3: 29 Rack Extensions / 1 ReFill / 58 Videos / 476 Presets
  • Backline Rig 3: 30 Rack Extensions / 4 ReFills / 60 Videos / 339 Presets

Pricing and Availability

All bundles are available as direct downloads from Propellerhead’s website, priced at USD $349 / EUR €349, You can upgrade from an earlier version for USD $99 / EUR €99.

4 thoughts on “Propellerhead Releases Rigs 3 Series For Reason

      1. No kidding, Ive only been using Reason since 2.0, What I mean is more ways native ways to alter cv signal between devices, without 35 instance of Thor being used as a matrix. CV split/merge is a little lacking, and I don’t always want to shell out to third party devs that don’t regularly support/update their RE devices.

  1. I’m well-satisfied with all that Logic Pro does for me, but I have to compliment the heck out of Reason. In the last few years, the program has stepped up repeatedly until its a serious beast. It feels a bit like Ableton, in that each has carved out a niche of its own where it performs admirably. Their new Rig bundles are impressive. I love the Mellotron, so they won big points in going there recently. Smart.

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