Mantic Conceptual FLEX Eurorack Module

The Mantic Conceptual FLEX is an new effect module for Euro, originally designed and released in a Guitar Pedal format. Synth maker WMD teamed up with the Mantic team to adapt the pedal into a Eurorack module, and shared this video demo.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

In this video we go through the features and knobset of the Mantic Euro Flex integrated into a modular synthesizer. We run bass lines, Drums, and an entire mix through it by using it as an auxillary send on the WMD Performance Mixer. Other modules include the WMD Arpitecht,WMD/SSF Spectrum. WMD/SSF MMF, WMD/SSF ADSRVCA. All rhythms are triggered by a WMD protorype trigger sequencer, which is coming soon ;).


Pricing and Availability

The Mantic FLEX is available to pre-order via WMD for US $199.

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