SynthFest France Coming March 30, 2018

SynthFest France 2018 – the fifth edition of the annual event – is scheduled to take place in Nantes, Friday, March 30th to Sunday, April 1, 2018.

SynthFest France is the main French event focusing on synthesizers in music. It will feature a variety of exhibitors, including many of the country’s synth makers, along with other manufacturers. It will also feature a concert each night, and artist demos, master classes and private sessions during the day.

New exhibitors this year will include Mutable Instruments. Schmidt Synthesizer, Baloran, Mos-Lab, Sylphyo, NR-Synth, Dualo and others.

Here’s an overview of the some of the planned events:


Dualo (Jules Hotrique), PModular (Jérome Bridonneau), NR-Synth (Stephan Ingrand), Hordijk (Eric Mouquet), Oria (Mario Viola), Arturia (Philippe Brodu).

Private sessions

Baloran The River (Laurent Lecatelier), Mutable Instruments (Olivier Gillet), Schmidt Synthesizer (Axel Fisher), Conférences sur l’industrialisation des synthétiseurs (Frédéric Meslin), L’atelier du Synthesiste (François Demarle), La voix du Luthier (Christophe Duquesne).


Coralie Ehinger, Artif-Act, Alexis Facomprez, Michael Sean O’Connor.


Lionel Palierne, Kryfels, MoonSatellite, Florence Michel, Masaki Aoden, Vkgoeswild, Kurtz Mindfields, Nomad Hands, Kurt Ader et Johannes Schmoelling.

See the SynthFest France site for more information.

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